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The Binto app.
Pay with your phone.

Simple. Fast. Safe.

Pay at any Vending or Self-Service Machine

The Binto app was developed specifically for use with vending and self-service machines.

No more problems with small change or debit cards. The Binto app allows you to pay quickly and securely with a smartphone.

How does the Binto app work?

It’s very simple: scan the QR code on the vending machine with the smartphone camera. Select a product and pay. Simple and fast!



Where is this form of payment available?

Wherever you see a Binto sticker.

Every day more and more locations are adding the Binto app, giving you a more convenient and quicker payment option. Try it out and buy your favorite snack from a Junea!

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Scan with your smartphone!

Scan with your smartphone!

“The simple act of buying a snack can become a hassle. Not enough cash or having problems with the card reader. With the Binto smart payment app, this is now a thing of the past”

Bas Smit

Binto Co-founder

What else can you do with the Binto app?

It can be very useful to find out more about a product, before buying it. For example, with snacks.

The Binto app provides all the information on assortment and product specifics, such as nutritional values and allergens, before you decide to buy a product.

Would you like to work with us?

Are you a vendor or self-service machine operator and do you want your machines to be able to be operated with the Binto Pay app?

Are you a vendor or self-service machine operator considering integrating the Binto Pay app in your equipment?

That’s possible! We can seamlessly integrate the ‘Binto built-in module’ into your vending or self-service machine, providing your customers with all the benefits of the Binto app.